Riley (Jp. Name: Gen)

Hometown: ?, Sinnoh
First Appearence In Episode: Steeling Peace of Mind!


Riley is a Pokémon Trainer that Ash & Co. meet while in Iron Island. Saving Ash from a rampaging Aggron, Riley states that he is there to investigate some strange goings on with the Steel Pokémon. Like several other trainers including Sir Aaron and Ash, Riley is a master of aura and uses Aura to communicate with his Pokémon such as Lucario.


None known

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Lucario is the only one of Riley's Pokémon that is currently known about. With it's keen Aura senses, Lucario & Riley share a deep bond. In battle, Lucario is strong with its physical attacks including Metal Claw and Force Palm, so it is able to hold its own in battle

Obtained prior to Episode: Steeling Peace of Mind!

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