Harrison (Jp. Name: Hazuki)

Hometown: Littleroot Town, Hoenn
First Appearence In Episode: Pop Goes The Sneasel!


Harrison is a relatively experienced Pokémon Traienr from the Hoenn Region. After travelling through Hoenn, Harrison decided to go to Johto to try out his skills against Pokémon Trainers there. Harrison is a calm and collected person, and is very kind and eager to help out. When he arrived at the Silver Conference, he befriended Ash and helped stop a rogue Sneasel who was stopping access to the Sacred Flame. Once in the championships, Harrison battled to his maximum potential and got a very respectable poisitioning in it. After the championships, he decided to go to Kanto to battle the Gyms and the League


Harrison has defeated at least 8 Gyms in Johto and came in the Top 4 in the Johto League

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Blaziken, an evolution of Harrison's Starter Pokémon, Torchic, is Harrison's most trusted Pokémon and the secret powerhouse of his team. Blaziken is always relied on for tough battles, including a battle against Ash's Charizard, which left Blaziken severely tired, missing the next battle.

Caught Prior to episode: Pop Goes The Sneasel


Kecleon, another of Harrison's Pokémon from his native land of Hoenn, was used in his battles in the Silver Conference. Having a lot of trust in it's trainer, Kecleon was first up and put its Camoflauging capabilities to good use in battle.

Caught Prior to episode: Can't Beat the Heat!


Steelix is Harrison's Tank Pokémon, and was able to muster enough power to take out some of Ash's Pokémon before finally surcomeing. Not much of Steelix was seen so we cannot say much of its personality.

Caught Prior to episode: Playing with Fire!!


Houndoom is one of Harrison's most trusted Pokémon. Although it is a powerful Pokémon, it puts its full potential into every battle. However, Houndoom still has a way to go before being the best it can be and was defeated by a Pokémon of a type it is normally strong against.

Caught Prior to episode: Pop Goes The Sneasel


When Harrison met Sneasel, it was preventing anyone from getting to the Sacred Flame. With the help of Ash, he managed to trap it and battled it with his Blaziken and eventually captured it. Being a relatively new Pokémon, Harrison took a risk and used Sneasel in the Silver Conference where it managed to stand its ground before finally losing in battle.

Caught in episode: Pop Goes The Sneasel


Hypno is Harrison's Psychic Powerhouse. Using its Psychic abilities it managed to vanquish many of it's foes in battle. However these abilities in the end became its own undoing when it tried to eat Snorlax's Dreams in battle.

Caught Prior to episode: Playing with Fire!!


Harrison's Miltank was only seen at one point through the Silver Conference. When a scuffle between 4 Pokémon occured, Harrison sent out Miltank to use Heal Bell and calm them down. Miltank's battling abilities are currently unknown.

Caught Prior to episode: Tie One On!

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