Ramos (Jp. Name: Fukuji フクジ)

Hometown: Coumarine City, Kalos
First Appearence In Episode: Thawing an Icy Panic!


Ramos is the gym leader of Coumarine City and meets Ash as they hunt down Team Rocket who have taken a Vanillite. He is an avid gardener and is often seen with large plant pruners. Ramos takes care of a nearby area with lots of wild Grass-type Pokémon.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Gogoat is the first Pokémon of Ramos' that is seen. Much like most Gogoat, Ramos uses it as a form of transportation and has a deep bond with it. Despite that, it is still a formidable battler and is used in Ramos' Gym battle against Ash. It has the moves Vine Whip and Leech Seed at its disposal. It also has the ability Sap Sipper which allows for it to absorb Grass-type moves

Obtained to Episode: Thawing an Icy Panic!

Ramos first used Jumpluff when trying to protect his ranch from an onslaught of snow by Vanillish and Vanilluxe. It has the move Sunny Day at its disposal, which was used to disperse the snow, as well as activate its ability Chlorophyll. It is later used in his Gym Battle against Ash where it shows use of moves such as Cotton Guard to boost its defences before eventually falling to Fletchinder's attacks.

Obtained to Episode: Thawing an Icy Panic!

Ramos uses Weepinbell during his gym battle against Ash. During the battle, it faces off against both Hawlucha and Fletchinder. Using its moves including Poison Powder and Razor Leaf, it managed to poison and damage Fletchinder and eventually defeat it. After defeating Hawlucha, it then faced off against Ash's Frogadier where it eventually lost

Obtained to Episode: Green, Green Grass Types of Home!
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