Nini (Jp. Name: Nene ネネ)

Hometown: ??, Kalos
First Appearence In Episode: Pathways to Peformance Partnering!


Nini is a Pokémon Showcase performer who travels through the Kalos region and has bumped into Serena on multiple occasions..

Pokémon on team

Pokémon Picture Details

Nini's Smoochum was used in the training for the Pokémon Showcases. When she met with Serena, the Smoochum seemingly fell for Serena's Pancham, with Nini offering a trade to get Pancham. Smoochum has not been seen in an actual Showcase yet, but has the move Heart Stamp

Obtained prior to episode: Pathways to Peformance Partnering!


Farfetch'd is another of Nini's Pokémon that has been shown. It is a smart Pokémon and was able to use its Stick to help find Smoochum after it was taken by Team Rocket. It participated in a Pokémon Showcase and has the move Fury Cutter, but its battling strengths remain unclear.

Obtained prior to episode: Pathways to Peformance Partnering!


Gothita showed up in another Pokémon Showcase. It used its Psychic powers to help Nini get through the cooking round. Its battle strengths are unknown.

Obtained prior to episode: Dance, Eevee! Its Pokémon Showcase Debut!!

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