Reggie (Jp. Name: Reiji)

Hometown: Veilstone City, Sinnoh
First Appearence In Episode: Lost Leader Strategy


Reggie is Paul's brother. Living in Veilstone City, Reggie works as a Pokémon breeder, looking after many Pokémon, including Paul's when Paul needs space on his team. Before he became a Pokémon Breeder, Reggie travelled round the world partaking in Pokémon battles including gym and championship matches. Although he does not approve of some of Paul's training methods, he still looks after the Pokémon and also offers aid to Ash & Co. when they arrive in Veilstone City


Reggie has partaken in many gyms and won across many regions, rivalling Ash's achievements

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Stone Badge Knuckle Badge Dynamo Badge Heat Badge Balance Badge Feather Badge Mind Badge Rain Badge
Coal Badge Forest Badge Cobble Badge Fen Badge Relic Badge Mine Badge Icicle Badge Beacon Badge
Zephyr Badge Insect Badge Plain Badge Fog Badge Storm Badge Mineral Badge Glacier Badge Rising Badge
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Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Bibarel was the first Pokémon of Reggie's that was seen. It has some powerful tackling attacks as well as attacks such as Yawn. However, despite this, it was defeated by Ash's Turtwig with little difficulty

Obtained Prior to episode: Lost Leader Strategy


Swalot was the next Pokémon Reggie used. With Swalot being a Poison type, it was sent out against Ash's Staravia. With many powerful attacks including Mud Shot and a powerful beam attack, it was able to easily subdue Ash's Staravia

Obtained Prior to episode: Lost Leader Strategy


Staraptor is the Pokémon Reggie used last in his battle against Ash. Knowing the powerful Brave Bird attack, Staraptor serves as Reggie's trump card. However, despite its powerful strength, it got defeated by Ash's Pikachu. Later it helped teach Ash's Staravia Brave Bird

Obtained Prior to episode: Lost Leader Strategy


Drapion is the Pokémon of Reggie's which was seen in Reggie's battle against Pyramid King Brandon. Used against Regirock, Drapion managed to hold its own with strong attacks such as Poison Sting, Drapion is truely a powerhouse of Reggie's team.

Obtained Prior to flashback in episode: Pyramid Battle! Brandon VS Paul!

Pokémon Previously Taken Care Of

Pokémon Picture Details

Newly evolved in the Tag Battles, Electabuzz has re-asserted itself as a main powerhouse of Paul's Team. With powerful attacks such as Thunder and Protect, it has the ability to vanquish its foes easily and defend itself when the need arises. Before his Veilstone Gym match, he left Electabuzz with his brother, however it has been seen on Paul's team since then

Sent to Reggie prior to episode: Lost Leader Strategy
Sent back to Paul prior to episode: Scorching Chimchar

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