Brawly (Jp. Name: Toki)

Hometown: Dewford Town, Hoenn
First Appearence In Episode: Brave The Wave


Brawly is the Gym Leader in Dewford Town. Once training with Chuck in Cianwood, Brawly is an expert Fighting Pokémon Trainer. However that is not his only passion. He really enjoys surfing and teaching others to Surf. Quite often he is seen Surfing at the beach with his Pokémon, also a way of training them for battle. Brawly is predominantly a kind person who looks out for other's people welfare such as during terrible storms.


Brawly has worked up the ranks and become the Dewford Town Gym Leader and an expert surfer.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

After evolving from Makuhita, Hariyama gained a massive power boost that quickly ended Brawly's Gym Battle with Ash. However in the rematch, Hariyama, while managing to get a good amount of hits in and defeated Ash's Corphish before submitting to Ash's Treecko.

Evolved from Makuhita in episode: Brave The Wave


Machop is a fairly powerful Pokémon always used in battle by Brawly. With it's powerful Fighting type attacks, it can hold it's own, however it has been defeated fairly easily by Ash's Treecko and Corphish.

Caught Prior To episode: Brave The Wave

Pokémon Previously Owned

Pokémon Picture Details

Makuhita was Brawly's main Pokémon. Often surfing with Brawly, Makuhita learned how to Dodge attacks. In Ash's Gym Battle with Brawly however, Makuhita managed to put up a good fight against Treecko before evolving into the more powerful Hariyama.

Caught Prior To episode: Brave The Wave
Evolved into Hariyama in episode: Brave The Wave

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