Chloe (Jp. Name: Koharu コハル)

Hometown: Kanto
First Appearence In Episode: Enter Pikachu


Chloe is the daughter of Professor Cerise and a childhood friend of Goh. Despite being the same age as Ash & Goh and being the daughter of a Pokémon researcher, Chloe shows little interest in Pokémon and so goes to school rather than on a Pokémon journey, to the point that it bothers her when people assume her knowledge and desire to be a Pokémon training

Pokémon on Team

Chloe's Yamper Yamper

Yamper was the family pet but soon became Chloe's Pokémon. It is fond of Chloe and very protective of her and the family residence. it has the move Spark at its disposal

Evolved in episode: Legend? Go! Friends? Go!