Lana (Jp. Name: Suiren スイレン )

Hometown: Konikoni City, Alola
First Appearence In Episode: Alola to New Adventure!


Lana is one of Ash's school companions. She focuses on the Water-type Pokémon. As she grew up around water, she is very adept at the various water activities, and is often the one to lead the group in activities such as fishing. She has a very calm and gentle demeanor, but has a sense of humour and is able to convince people about outlandish things such as catching Kyogre. She has two sisters. She later got a Z-Ring from Olivia and earned a Waterium Z

Pokémon on Team


Lana's Brionne evolved into Primarina following some protection of a wild Kyogre under attack from hunters when Lana was still hooked to Kyogre and Kyogre went deep into the water. Due to its size, Lana can ride it in the water. In addition to that, with the Primarium Z item, it can use Oceanic Operetta

Evolved in Episode: Lana Hooks A Kyogre!?

Eevee travelled to Alola from a far way away, learning how to surf on Mantine. It's very friendly and enthusiastic, often bumping into a Pokémon to enthusiastically say hello. It's a very happy Pokémon and knows moves like Tackle. After befriending Popplio, Lana decided to capture it in a Dive Ball and with her family nicknamed it Sandy

Obtained in Episode: We Know Where You're Going, Eevee!
Pokémon Previously Owned


Lana's Popplio evolved into Brionne during training with Aia and her Primarina. Having learned more vocal exercises, it evolved while creating a large bubble. It continues its mastery with bubbles but wasn't really used in combat. It then evolved later

Evolved in Episode: Evolving Research!

Lana's Popplio was obtained when she saw it under attack by Team Skull. She instantly went in to its defence and helped nurse it back to health. It is now often seen by her side. Its battle strengths were unknown at first, but it has powerful moves including Bubble, Sing and later Aqua Jet that it learned in battle against the Totem Wishiwashi. It learned Surf while protecting Eevee from Team Skull. It later gained mastery of Hydro Vortex and eventually evolved into Brionne

Obtained prior to Episode: Alola to New Adventure!