Byron (Jp. Name: Tougan)

Hometown: Canalave City, Sinnoh
First Appearence In Episode: Ancient Family Matter


Byron is the Gym Leader in Canalave City. Byron is the father of the Oreburgh City Gym Leader, Roark. Both Byron & Roark are fans of fossil Pokémon, and as such they do not necessarily see eye to eye. Little else is known about his personality or training techniques yet.


Byron has worked up the ranks and become the Canalave City Gym Leader.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Little is known about Byron's Steelix. It was seen in a flashback to Jun's battle at the Canalve Gym where it went up against Jun's Empoleon and lost. It's strengths and attacks are currently unknown

Obtained prior to Episode: Shield With A Twist


Bastiodon is the fossil Pokémon of Byron's team. It is Byron's massive powerhouse and knows a variety of powerful attacks including Flamethrower and Flash Cannon which makes it a very difficult Pokémon to defeat. Byron uses it in his match against Roark's Rampardos to see which is the best fossil Pokémon

Obtained prior to Episode: Ancient Family Matter


Byron's Bronzor is to be utilised in Byron's gym battle against Ash. It's attacks are not yet known, but it has the ability Heatproof, causing it to be resistant to Chimchar's fire type attacks.

Obtained prior to Episode: Dealing With Defensive Types

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