Cheryl (Jp. Name: Momi)

Hometown: Sinnoh
First Appearence In Episode: Some Enchanted Sweetening!


Cheryl is a trainer that Ash & co. met while travelling through Eterna Forest. She comes from a family of treasure hunters and was searching the forest in search of some Honey from Combee & Vespiquen. She joined Ash & co. during this search and left the gang when they left Eterna Forest and she obtained some Honey


None known

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Chansey was a key Pokémon in Cheryl's team in the search for a Burmy. It knows many powerful attacks including Egg Bomb and managed to defeat Burmy as well as Team Rocket easily

Obtained prior to Episode: Some Enchanted Sweetening!


Mothim evolved from the Burmy that Cheryl caught with Chansey. After evolving in battle with Team Rocket, Cheryl used Mothim in order to help search for Combee and Honey. However, Mothim is also a good battling Pokémon and utilised attacks such as Gust & Confusion to get past some Combee

Evolved from Burmy in Episode: Some Enchanted Sweetening!

Wormadam (All forms)

Cheryl is a collector of Pokémon from the Honey trees, to this end, she has all 3 forms of Wormadam. However, she did not use them in any of her battles.

Obtained prior to Episode: Some Enchanted Sweetening!

Pokémon Previously Owned

Pokémon Picture Details

Cheryl captured her Burmy using Chansey after seeing it lured by a Honey Tree. Cheryl wanted Burmy to evolve so she requested battles with Ash & co. Using its attacks such as Tackle & Protect, it eventually evolved into Mothim during its battle with Team Rocket

Obtained prior to Episode: Some Enchanted Sweetening!
Evolved into Mothim in Episode: Some Enchanted Sweetening!

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