Susie (Jp. Name: Yuki)

Hometown: Scissor Street, Kanto
First Appearence In Episode: Pokémon Fashion Flash


Susie is a famous breeder that runs her own Pokémon salon, where she not only makes a Pokémon look good but also helps them feel good about themselves. Her philosophy is that a Pokémon's inner beauty is much more important than what they appear on the outside. With the help of Ash and Brock, she was able to demonstrate to people that a Pokémon's inner beauty is much better than their outter beauty and helped drive away Team Rocket, who was running a rival salon. She then asks Brock to care for her Vulpix so that it can be raised properly by exploring the outside world.

Later on, Susie enters a contest and contacts Brock because she needs a Pokémon to enter with. She enters with Vulpix and goes up against Team Rocket, who attempts cheating by taking the idenities of other contestants, and her childhood friend and rival, Zane. Susie later agrees to open up a salon with Zane where she focuses on the Pokémon's inner beauty, as Zane focuses on the outter beauty.


Susie runs a successful salon where she treats Pokémon. She later competes in a Pokémon Beauty Contest (not to be mistaken with the Contests of Hoenn or Kanto) and agrees to run a salon together with her childhood friend, Zane. She has also managed to get people to realize that Pokémon's inner beauty is more important than outter beauty, when Team Rocket opened a rival salon nearby her salon.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Vulpix was Susie's example Pokémon that inner strength overcame what was on the outside. After getting rid of Team Rocket as they attacked the group, Susie suggested that Brock take care of Vulpix. Vulpix is a tad choosy about the people around it and the food it eats. Brock's food is the only food aside from Susie's that it will eat. While small, Vulpix has a great amount of fire power, even being able to unleash a tornado-sized Fire Spin. Vulpix later went back to Susie after the group met up with Susie again.

Caught prior to episode: Pokémon Fashion Flash
Given to Brock in episode: Pokémon Fashion Flash
Recieved back from Brock in episode: Beauty and the Breeder

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