Candice (Jp. Name: Suzuna)

Hometown: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
First Appearence In Episode: Teacher Candice of the Trainers' School!


Candice is the Gym Leader in Snowpoint City. Candice is also a teacher at the Trainers School in Snowpoint City. As such, she is very wise and knows a great deal about Pokémon. She is a childhood friend of Zoey.


Candice has worked up the ranks and become the Snowpoint City Gym Leader.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Abomasnow is the first of Candice's Pokémon that was revealed in the animé. Abomasnow is arguably the strongest Pokémon in Candice's team with powerful attacks including Blizzard, Ice Punch & WoodHammer and was used to get rid of Team Rocket from the Trainers School. It was also used in Candice's gym match against Ash and managed to defeat his Grotle & Staraptor before finally losing to Chimchar

Obtained prior to Episode: Teacher Candice of the Trainers' School!


Sneasel was the first Pokémon Candice used in her gym battle against Ash. Not much is known about Sneasel's strengths as its attacks were not fully utilised. It managed to use the ice around the arena to increase its speed but eventually got defeated by Ash's Grotle

Obtained prior to Episode: Snowpoint Gym! Ice Battle!


Medicham is the second of Candice's Pokémon that was utilised in battle against Ash. Like Sneasel, Medicham did not stay in battle long but showed itself to have some powerful attacks such as Fire Punch in order to dispel its foes. In battle, it was quickly defeated by Ash's Staraptor

Obtained prior to Episode: Snowpoint Gym! Ice Battle!


Snover was the third Candice's Pokémon. Unlike the two prior Pokémon, Snover managed to hold her own in battle. With powerful attacks including Ice Beam, it managed to easily defeat Ash's Gliscor. However, when facing Ash's Chimchar, it utilised a strategy of hiding within a snowstorm. However, that strategy ultimately did not work and it got defeated.

Obtained prior to Episode: Snowpoint Gym! Ice Battle!

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