Tracey Sketchit

Tracey Sketchit (Jp. Name: Kenji)

Hometown: ?, Orange Islands
First Appearence In Episode: The Lost Lapras!


Tracey Sketchit is a Pokémon Watcher. Always fascinated with Pokémon, he enjoys getting out his notepad and start drawing Pokémon that he sees. He is quite smart in the area of Pokémon and a very kind person in general. Due to his being a Pokémon Watcher, he idolises Professor Oak which causes him to join Ash & Misty when he finds out that they're aquaintences of his. Once he gets to Pallet Town, he decided to stay as Professor Oak's Assistant and helps out with all the Pokémon there. He also spends a fair bit of time helping Misty out


Tracey is a renowned Pokémon Watcher and now is the assistant of world renowned Pokémon Professor, Samuel Oak

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Tracey's Venonat evolved while Ash was out on his journeys and was introduced when Ash returned to Pallet Town after being World Champion

Caught prior to episode: The Lost Lapras


Tracey already had Marill when he met up with Ash, however it was not seen til later. Tracey, not being a battler, didn't use Marill much for battling except to battle Team Rocket or to help out with fires. However, his Marill has super-sensitive hearing and was used on many occassions to find certain people or Pokémon. Since Tracey's arrival in Pallet Town, it has mated with another Pokémon and produced an Azurill that Tracey gave to Misty.

Caught prior to episode: The Crystal Onix


When Tracey encountered Scyther, it was severely injured after being kicked out from it's swarm by being defeated by another Scyther who became the leader of the swarm. Tracey helped Scyther regain its strength so that it could challenge the new leader and get back it's position. However instead it just defended the swarm and decided to join Tracey. Scyther is the main Pokémon that Tracey uses to battle, however since it is fairly old, if it's in the battle for too long, it does start to get tired.

Caught in episode: Tracey Gets Bugged

Pokémon Previously owned

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Tracey already has his Venonat when he meets up with Ash. While not a battler, Venonat is primarily used to search for people or Pokémon using its Radar-like eyes. Unfortunately due to this, Venonat is seldom seen and not much is known about its personality

Caught prior to episode: The Lost Lapras