Winona (Jp. Name: Nagi)

Hometown: Fortree City, Hoenn
First Appearence In Episode: Who's Flying Now


Winona is the Gym Leader in Fortree City. Loving Flying Pokémon, Winona often helps out in the town's Feather Carnivals that celebrate Flying Pokémon. Often Flying with her Flying type Pokémon above Fortree City, Winona occassionally offers Flying Rides above the City to the locals, especially during the Carnivals. She is a caring person, however she really enjoys battling with her Flying Type Pokémon.


Winona has worked up the ranks and become the Fortree City Gym Leader.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Skarmory is the Pokémon that Winona uses to fly on in the Carnival. Although we haven't seen it in a Gym Battle, Winona used it in battle against Team Rocket to rescue some Flying Type Pokémon from Team Rocket while she was riding on it's back.

Obtained Prior To episode: Who's Flying Now?


Winona's Swellow is a rare Shiny Pokémon. Managing to easily defeat Ash's Grovyle in battle, Winona's Swellow went up against Ash's own Swellow. Knowing powerful attacks like Aerial Ace & Hyper Beam, Swellow is an incredibly hard Pokémon to beat. However Ash's own Swellow managed to do it after a long battle.

Obtained Prior To episode: Sky High Gym Battle


Winona's Pelipper is a tough Pokémon. Able to resist Electric Attacks through Grounding itself by it's wing, Pelipper managed to stop many of Pikachu's Electric attacks. However it eventually fell victim to one, but managed to knock Pikachu out with a powerful Water Attack.

Obtained Prior To episode: Sky High Gym Battle


Altaria was Winona's first choice in battle with Ash. Going up against Ash's Grovyle, Winona believed she had the advantage, using attacks like Aerial Ace to try and defeat Grovyle. However Grovyle managed to defeat it with some strong attacks.

Obtained Prior To episode: Sky High Gym Battle

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