Sabrina (Jp. Name: Natsume)

Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto
First Appearence In Episode: Abra & The Psychic Pokémon


Sabrina is a troubled person. Inheriting Psychic traits from her father, she eventually honed her skills including telepathy and teleportation. As time went on, she started using these powers for destructive purposes and eventually lost control and caused a schizophrenic personality rift. The child like Sabrina personality manifested itself as a little girl who likes to play using her Psychic Powers. Sabrina also found Pokémon and created a completely psychic link between her and her Pokémon, sharing thoughts and emotions. With her child like persona, she challenged bets to the trainers that battled her which caused many trainers to leave rather than face the risk. However after meeting Ash and Ash's Haunter, the split personalities merged back together and Sabrina gained more of her humanity back.


Sabrina has worked up the ranks and become the Saffron City Gym Leader

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Evolving almost immediately in her battle with Ash, Kadabra and Sabrina held a close psychic bond, allowing for Kadabra to not need to be verbally commanded the battle strategies that Sabrina wants. Kadabra is a strong Pokémon that is capable of easily recovering in battle. However since it was linked to Sabrina, it was susceptable to any changes in her emotions.

Evolved From Abra In episode: Abra And The Psychic Pokémon


When Ash came for a rematch, he brought a Haunter from Lavender Town with him. While Haunter is not much of a battler, it enjoys making people laugh. When he met Sabrina, Haunter started doing amusing routines that eventually made Sabrina laugh and lose the battle. Haunter decided to stay with Sabrina and always be there for comic purposes.

Given to Her By Ash in episode: Haunter Vs. Kadabra

Pokémon Previously Owned


Abra was only seen briefly in battle. Using its Teleportation abilities, it managed to evade an attack and then immediately evolved. It seemed to always be sleeping but aware of its surroundings using it's Psychic Powers.

Caught prior to episode: Abra And The Psychic Pokémon
Evolved Into Kadabra in episode: Abra And The Psychic Pokémon

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