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Roxanne (Jp. Name: Tsutsuji)

Hometown: Rustboro City, Hoenn
First Appearence In Episode: Gonna Rule The School


Roxanne is the Gym Leader in Rustboro City. As well as being the Gym Leader, Roxanne helps run and teaches at a school in Rustboro City, teaching how to use Pokémon and battle with them. However, this responsibility does sometimes hamper her Gym Leading abilities and stops her from being able to always accept challenges. Roxanne is a very kind person who cares for all the trainers and Pokémon she meets.


Roxanne has worked up the ranks and become the Rustboro City Gym Leader and has become a respected teacher at a Pokémon School in Rustboro City.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Geodude is a strong Pokémon of Roxanne's. Using it in her Gym Matches, Geodude has powerful attacks like Mega Punch that are able to stop an opponent in it's tracks and maybe even defeat it. In Roxanne's Gym Battle against Ash, it defeated Treecko before being beaten by Pikachu.

Caught Prior To episode: Gonna Rule The School!


Nosepass is Roxanne's Powerhouse. Although it is a slow moving Pokémon, it has many powerful attacks including Zap Cannon. In Ash's Gym Battle, it managed to put up a good fight against Ash's Pikachu before finally being defeated.

Caught Prior To episode: Winner By A Nosepass

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