Falkner (Jp. Name: Hayato)

Hometown: Violet City, Johto
First Appearence In Episode: Fighting Flyer With Fire


Falkner is the Violet City Pokémon Gym Leader. Loving flying type Pokémon, Falkner loves flying on his Pidgeot or Hang-Gliding so that he can feel the same feeling and be with his flying type Pokémon. Falkner is generally a kind person but a fierce trainer. Not usually making friends with the trainers who he encounters and battles, he is more of a battle and go person. Despite this, he shares a close bond with his Flying Pokémon and really enjoys soaring in the skies with them.


Falkner has worked up the ranks and become the Violet City Gym Leader.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Hoothoot is one of Falkner's newest flying Pokémon. Hoothoot stays on Falkner's shoulder when he's gliding. However in battle, Hoothoot manages to hold its own in battle, easily defeating Ash's Chikorita. However it was quickly defeated by Pikachu's Electric Attacks.

Caught Prior To episode: Fighting Flyer with Fire


Despite the fact that it doesn't fly, Dodrio manages to put up a good fight using its Speed attacks and its powerful attacks, however eventually it ended up submitting to Pikachu's powerful electric attacks. Caught Prior To episode: Fighting Flyer with Fire


Pidgeot is Falkner's most powerful Pokémon, and is sometimes used by Falkner to simply fly around. In battle it is formiddable, managing to take out Pikachu with ease. However in a long battle with Ash's Charizard, it finally lost despite getting many powerful attacks in.

Caught Prior To episode: Fighting Flyer with Fire

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