Saturn (Jp. Name: Saturn)

Hometown: ?, Sinnoh
First Appearence In Episode: The Secret Sphere of Influence!


Saturn is the most prominently seen commander of Team Galactic. He has made a variety of appearances and they have always shown him commanding various Team Galactic Grunts. He appears to be the main go-to guy in Team Galactic for stealing operations as he has managed to steal the Spear Key from Solaceon Ruins and assisted within the stealing of the Lustrous & Adamant Orbs


Saturn has shown himself worthy and has become a commander of Team Galactic

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Bronzor was the first Pokémon of Saturn's that was seen. He used it while stealing the Spear Key from Solaceon Ruins and managed to defeat many Unown with Confusion

Obtained prior to Episode: Journey to the Unown


Saturn's Toxicroak was first seen in Veilstone City when Saturn used the meteorites to access the Spear Key. Saturn used Toxicroak to help defend himself against both Team Rocket and Ash & Co. It was also later used in Celestic Town to help steal the Adamant & Lustrous Orbs. It has many powerful attacks including Sludge Bomb and Dark Pulse and has shown the ability to take out foes easily with these attacks.

Obtained prior to Episode: Enter Galactic!

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