Chuck (Jp. Name: Shijima)

Hometown: Cianwood City, Johto
First Appearence In Episode: Machoke, Machoke Man


Chuck is the Gym Leader in Cianwood City. Being a Fighting Type Gym Leader, he is often known to physically spar with his Pokémon. Despite appearences, Chuck isa very emotional person and has been known to burst into tears whenever his Pokémon do well, either in sparring or in an actual battle. Chuck's Gym has a number of trainers who often train there, however Chuck prefers to train with his Pokémon on the beach of Cianwood City.


Chuck has worked up the ranks and become the Cianwood City Gym Leader.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Machoke is Chuck's main Pokémon. Often seen sparring with Chuck, Machoke is a fairly powerful Pokémon with a plethora of powerful Fighting attacks at it's disposal. In his Gym Battle with Ash, Machoke managed to put up a strong fight against Ash's Bayleef before submitting.

Caught Prior To episode: Machoke, Machoke Man


Poliwrath was one of Chuck's Pokémon only seen in the gym battle. However Chuck & Poliwrath do share a close bond with Chuck crying at it's victories and it's defeats. Able to go beyond type advantages, Poliwrath was able to easily take out Ash's Pikachu before being easily defeated by Bayleef.

Caught Prior To episode: Machoke, Machoke Man

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