Brandon (Jp. Name: Jindai)

Hometown: ?, Kanto
First Appearence In Episode: Battling the Enemy Within


Brandon is known as the Pyramid King. Being a Ruin enthusiast, he based his battling facility upon the Great Pyamids of Giza in Egypt. However unlike those Pyramids, he uses his as a means of transport to travel around Kanto to search through ruins for Ancient Treasures. However unlike the other Frontier Brains, Brandon owns several legendary Pokémon that he uses in battle making him the toughest Frontier Brain and one of the strongest trainers in the world. Brandon is rather eccentric and clearly and deeply loves Ancient Cultures and knows a great deal about them.


Brandon has worked up the ranks and competed to be a Frontier Brain and now runs the Frontier Facility; The Battle Pyramid. He gives the Brave Symbol to trainers that defeat him.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Brandon used Regirock when Ash first came to the Battle Pyramid. Using it to help get through some blocks in the Pyramid, Brandon also used it in his battle against Ash. However at this time, Ash had been possessed by the Evil King of the ruins at that area so the battle was to free Ash. Regirock was up against Ash's Sceptile and it knows a barrage of powerful attacks including Lock On, Iron Defense and Hyper Beam. Regirock managed to easily defeat Ash's Sceptile.

Obtained Prior to episode: Battling the Enemy Within


Brandon also has Registeel which he uses in his second battle with Ash while Ash attempts to get his final Frontier Symbol. Set against Ash's Torkoal, Registeel managed to put up a magnificent fight using a massive range of attacks including Sandstorm. Eventually Registeel managed to defeat Torkoal

Obtained Prior to episode: Overjoyed!


Brandon's final Legendary Pokémon is the Legendary Ice Golem, Regice. Regice is a super powerful Pokémon with some strong Ice attacks and was set against Ash's Pikachu in Ash's 2nd Rematch against Brandon

Obtained Prior to episode: Pace - The Final Frontier!


The first Pokémon used in Ash's 2nd rematch against Brandon, Dusclops has a range of powerful attacks including Shadow Punch and Hypnosis. Using these powerful attacks, Brandon set it against Ash's PowerHouse Charizard. Dusclops managed to put up a fight and defeated Charizard. It's next competitor is Ash's Bulbasaur

Obtained Prior to episode: Gathering The Gang Of Four!


Solrock is another of Brandon's Pokémon set against Ash in his 2nd Rematch. Having some powerful Psychic attacks, it manages to put up a powerful fight against Ash's Pokémon

Obtained Prior to episode: Pace - The Final Frontier!


Ninjask is yet another of Brandon's Pokémon that were used against Ash in his 2nd Rematch. Being a fast Pokémon, it knows many attacks including Sand Attack and Extremespeed and with this managed to put up a triumphant fight against Ash's Squirtle

Obtained Prior to episode: Pace - The Final Frontier!

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