Lillie (Jp. Name: Lilie リーリエ)

Hometown: Alola
First Appearence In Episode: Alola to New Adventure!


Lillie is one of Ash's school companions. Unlike the other classmates at the Pokémon School, Lillie doesn't have a companion Pokémon. During her past, something happened to cause her to recoil from the idea of touching a Pokémon, often going to extreme measures to avoid it. She soon learns that she can at least touch a Pokémon Egg entrusted to her. Despite this, she has substantial knowledge about Pokémon

Pokémon on Team


Having looked after the egg at the request of Professor Kukui, the egg finally hatched into an Alolan Vulpix and Kukui gave her a Poké Ball to capture it with. She then nicknamed it Snowball (Shiron). This Vulpix is a bit timid, much like Lillie, but quickly bonded with Lillie and helped Lillie overcome part of her fear of touching Pokémon. It knows the moves Powder Snow. During the PokéSled competition, it learned Hail & Aurora Veil.
After an incident with some Sandslash, it was given the choice by Lillie to evolve where it declined. However, using the Icium Z given by Sandslash and the Z-Ring from her father, Vulpix was able to use Subzero Slammer

Captured in Episode: Getting to Know You!

Lillie found Magearna within her father's old office. While laying dormant in her father's office, Lillie soon learned that her father Mohn found it and intended to take care of it and power it up to give to his daughter. However, at present it remains dormant with some signs of reactivating but it still lacks its Soul Heart. After much time, it eventually got awoken by Gladion's Zoroark's illusion of when Lillie first walked and helped guide Lillie to Mohn.

Obtained in Episode: The Secret Princess!