Steven (Jp. Name: Daigo)

Hometown: ?, Hoenn
First Appearence In Episode: A Hole Lotta Trouble!


Steven is the champion of the Hoenn region. he is the son of the head of the Devon Corporation and is fascinated by stones. He first met Ash in Granite Cave where he was hunting for some stones. He then later helped calm Primal Groudon & Kyogre alongside Alain and then travelled to Kalos to help stop Team Flare He later moved on to participate in the Pokémon World Coronation Series where he joined the Masters Eight

Pokémon on Team


Metagross has become one of Steven's most commonly used Pokémon and is his main powerhouse. It is a Shiny Metagross and was used to help calm down Mega Rayquaza and the Primal Groudon & Kyogre alongside Alain. It was also then used to help protect Kalos. It has many powerful moves including Psychic, Flash Cannon, Meteor Mash and Protect at its disposal and it is capable of Mega Evolving

Obtained Prior to Episode: Mega Evolution II


Steven used Aggron first when he was in Granite Cave. It was called out to stop Team Rocket. It was then later used in his World Coronation Series battle against Ash's Gengar, with powerful moves including Heavy Slam and Hyper Beam at its disposal which it used to defeat Dracovish

Obtained prior to episode: A Hole Lotta Trouble!


Steven used Aron to help him find various stones with within Granite Cave

Obtained prior to episode: A Hole Lotta Trouble!


Steven used Cradily during his World Coronation series battle against Ash. It has the moves Ingrain, Power Whip and Meteor Beam at its disposal in order to defeat Gengar but fell to Pikachu

Obtained prior to episode: Ash Heads Into Battle! VS Steven!!