(Jp. Name: Koon コーン)

Hometown: Sanyou City, Unova
First Appearence In Episode: Sanyou Gym! VS Panpour, Pansear & Pansage!


Koon is one of the Gym Leaders of Sanyou City Gym. Like Dento, Koon shows great knowledge in Pokémon and is also a Pokémon Sommeliar and can tell the compatibility of Pokémon and their trainers. He also works as a waiter in the restaurant in Sanyou City. With his brothers, he has a fanbase based on their performances.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Panpour is Koon's star Pokémon and was used in battle against Ash's Pikachu. It has numerous deception style moves such as Double Team and has a powerful Water Gun and Earthquake attacks which it used to defeat Ash's Pikachu through quick succession of attacks

Obtained Prior to Episode: Sanyou Gym! VS Panpour, Pansear & Pansage!

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