Dawn (Jp. Name: Hikari)

Hometown: Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh
First Appearence In Episode: Following a Maiden Voyage!


Dawn is an eager girl who has just started on her Pokémon journey. Coming from a family of co-ordinators, her mother winning the Grand Festival, Dawn has her heart set on following in her mother's footsteps and being a great Pokémon Co-ordinator in the Pokémon Super Contests. After befriending Piplup while searching for a Chimchar that escaped from the lab, she quickly met with Ash after finding Pikachu whom was running from Team Rocket. Dawn soon decided to join Ash on his journey through Sinnoh. However, Dawn does seem to be a bit too sure of herself and her strengths as a trainer


Since Dawn is just starting out, her achievements are few and far between:

Ribbon Festival Position
Floaroma Town Ribbon Aqua Ribbon Celestic Town Ribbon Chocovine Town Ribbon    

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Episode Obtained

Having run off from the lab in a dispute with Chimchar, Dawn finds Piplup trapped in a web and helps it out. Piplup & Dawn grew a close bond very quickly. Piplup can be described as a brat, but it truely tries its best in battles, despite the fact that its not the most powerful Pokémon. Dawn tends to let Piplup stay out of its Pokéball but does keep it in sometimes

Obtained in episode: Following a Maiden Voyage!


After having various Buneary attack her during her travels, Dawn came across another Buneary. Eager to add it to her team, she attempts to battle it and eventually succeeds and captures it. Buneary is female and appears to have a crush on Ash's Pikachu and knows many poweful attacks including Ice Beam

Obtained in episode: Setting the World on its Buneary!


During her travels, Dawn met up with a hyper Pachirisu. After several problems between Pachirisu and the group, Dawn eventually befriended the cute little squirrel. It is a loving Pokémon, that is known to shock Dawn whenever it is happy, causing Dawn a Bad Hair Day. However, it has some powerful attacks including Spark so it is able to hold its own in battle.

Obtained in episode: Twice Smitten, Once Shy!


After evolving from Piloswine, Mamoswine seems to be even more hot-headed and immediately charged at Ash & Co.. With its powerful attacks such as AncientPower and Ice Shard, Mamoswine is the major massive powerhouse of Dawn's team. After it evolved, it had trouble obeying Dawn until Dawn managed to convince it to obey when she took care of it when it was injured. When it's not in battle, it has a habit of sleeping.

Evolved from Piloswine in episode: A Breed Stampede


After receiving the egg from Kotone in the Johto Festival, the egg quickly hatches into a Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil is clingy of Dawn and was constantly fighting with Piplup for her attention. It has some powerful attacks at its disposal including Flame Wheel, Swift and Smokescreen which will sure help it become a vital part of Dawn's team.

Hatched from Egg in episode: Johto Festa! Chikorita and Totodile Appear!!

Pokémon to be Captured Soon

Pokémon Picture Episode Obtained

During the opening; The Greatest - Everyday! Togekiss was briefly shown being released from a Pokéball by Dawn alongside her Buneary. It was briefly shown so we do not know anything else about it

Pokémon Previously Owned

Pokémon Picture Episode Obtained

Before evolving, Ambipom was originally Ash's Pokémon. However, since Ash met it, it has loved the idea of contests and not battling and was eventually traded to Dawn and evolved soon afterwards. Through the training it received form Ash when it was an Aipom, Ambipom is one of the major powerhouses of Dawn's team, and with this and its love for Contests, it is likely to be used many times in Dawn's campaigns. After partaking in a Pokémon Ping-Pong Tournement, it learned it's true calling and after much consideration, decided to leave Dawn & Ash and stay training in Ping-Pong

Evolved from Aipom in episode: Journey To The Unown
Left with Ou in episode: Pokémon PingPong Competition! Ambipom Perseveres!!


After evolving from Swinub, Piloswine changed personality drastically. Now with a much stronger range of attacks, Piloswine feels its strengths outweigh Dawns and as such it no longer obeys her completely. However, while training in the Friendship School, it learned Ancientpower and evolved in battle

Evolved from Swinub in episode: Sleepless in Pre-Battle
Evolved into Mamoswine in episode: A Breed Stampede


Dawn met Swinub when in Mr. Backlot's garden. Swinub immediately came and ate all the Poffin that Ash & Dawn had made. Despite this, Dawn decided that Swinub should join her after she saw it defeat Team Rocket with relative ease. As such, Swinub is a very quick and hungry Pokémon knowing some powerful attacks including Take Down. It later evolved into Piloswine and had a massive change in personality

Captured in episode: Hungry For the Good Life!
Evolved into Piloswine in episode: Sleepless in Pre-Battle


Aipom was originally Ash's Pokémon. However, since Ash met it, Aipom has loved the idea of contests and not battling and was eventually traded to Dawn. Not long after being traded, it evolved into Ambipom during a battle in the Solaceon Ruins

Traded to by Ash in episode: Aipom & Buizel! Respective Roads!
Evolved into Ambipom in episode: Unown of Solaceon Ruins


After hooking it while fishing, the strong Buizel managed to take out Pikachu, Piplup & Zoey's Glameow. This made all three want to get it. After rescuing it from Team Rocket, Buizel allowed Dawn to battle it in order to capture it, which she did. Buizel is a rather strong & arroagnt Pokémon, the strength of her team. However, due to its arrogance, it is not above disobeying orders. Buizel was more into battling than contests. This led Zoey to ask Dawn if it was right to be in her team. After a trial, Dawn decided to trade Buizel for Ash's Aipom

Obtained in episode: Buizel Your Way Outta This! Traded to Ash in episode: Aipom & Buizel! Respective Roads!

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