Dot Dot as Nidothing

(Jp. Name: Dot ドット)

Hometown: ???
First Appearence In Episode: The Pendant It All Started With! (Part 1)


Dot is a member of the Rising Volt Tacklers and seldom leaves her room on the airship. While Dot is a bit of a recluse on the ship, she has a persona, Nidothing, that she uses online to create videos and livestreams to teach people about everything Pokémon. She also created some of the apps the Rising Volt Tacklers use on their Rotom Phones.

Dot is the niece of the Rising Volt Tacklers member Murdock.

Pokémon on Team

Dot's Quaxly Quaxly

Quaxly is Dot's partner Pokémon and is often seen alongside Dot in her Nidothing videos but can often be seen roaming the Rising Volt Tacklers' airship. While it appeared in her videos with her, it wasn't until much later that Friede gave her a Poké Ball to finally catch Quaxly and for it to become her partner Pokémon

Obtained prior to episode: As Long As I'm With Quaxly